Any business should be gathering leads all of the time. Online, your best list of leads will be your e-mail list.

Gathering Leads

Membership functions limit access to your courses. This allows you to request information from your visitors before they see your information.  You will likely have some free information available, but you should eventually ask customers for their e-mail address.

You can use this e-mail address as a source of leads for future sales.  Someone who has taken and completed one of your courses is much more likely to become a client than someone who just clicks in from Google.

The next time you publish a new course, you can e-mail these visitors to let them know.

Even if your information is free, you should ask for your student’s emails.  That way you can send them information about new courses, new items, sales, coupons, or any type of information that you want.  This builds engagement with your students/customers, and keeps them coming back for more.