Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the software of choice in most schools and on most campuses. The combination of word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, and note taker provides a great set of tools for educators. If you learn to use these products effectively, you can become a better educator or student.

Why use Microsoft Office 365?  Here’s some information on what you get with Microsoft Office 365 and links for where to get it.

Microsoft Word Hexagon Icon


Word is the word processor you are most likely to have on your computer.  You probably use it to create tests, quizzes, and other assignments.  You may also write letters or articles using Word.

There are lots of ways you can customize Word to make your writing tasks easier while making them look great.

OneNote Hexagon Icon


If you haven’t looked at OneNote recently, you really should. The program has evolved into a powerful way to store your notes.

It is a great tool to gather information about your classes’ content into one spot.

PowerPoint Hexagon Icon


PowerPoint is a powerful tool for educators, but it can be deadly if used poorly. We’ve all fallen asleep when a boring presenter assaults us with slides stuffed with text and annoying animations.

Used properly, though, PowerPoint can be very effective. Learning PowerPoint can help you become a better teacher.

Excel Hexagon Icon


You are most likely to use Excel as a grade book or to plan your budgets. It is a great tool for number crunching.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program, but it isn’t just for numbers. You can use it to build templates for calendars, schedules, to-do tasks and many other uses.