Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a tool to help organize and protect your content.  You may have used an LMS like BlackBoard, Moodle, or Desire2Learn at your school or institution.  There are similar software packages available for WordPress websites (like this one) that you can use yourself.

Liberate Your Content

By setting up your own website, you can have information available to your students well before your school opens up its LMS.  It does involve some expense and some setup, but you can have your information available for your current students without copying courses and re-setting dates every semester.  You can even make your content available for students around the world.


Make a Little Extra Money

If you set up your own system, you can make your content free, or you can charge a modest amount for it.  You’ve put a lot of effort into creating your course.  Why not make it available to the world for a small fee.  You can use this extra income to pay your hosting and plug-in fees, to help stock your classroom, or maybe put a bit extra away for retirement.

Make your learning interactive

My students often ask for advice on how to study.  One way you can help them do this is by providing online quizzes.  These can be multiple choice, matching, or other types.  By placing these on your own website, you can offer them as practice for your students. This can help make your LMS at school be a bit more streamlined, without all of the practice assignments mucking up your grade book.

Think Beyond the Classroom

You don’t have to be a teacher to use a Learning Management System.  If you own a business, you can use an LMS on your website to provide information to your potential customers.  You can provide training that goes beyond the owners manual to help build authority and trust.

Here is a list of courses we offer to help you learn about, choose, and effectively use your learning management system.

LearnDash Tips and Tricks

LearnDash Tips and Tricks

This is a somewhat disorganized set of tips and tricks when using the LearnDash LMS