Sales FunnelThe idea of a sales funnel isn’t new.  The general idea is to “catch” the people who are interested, and then work to lead them to a sale.

Start with Everyone

It would be great to sell your product or course to everyone in the world.  Unfortunately, not everyone has internet access.  Most of those that do don’t really have any interest in your website or product.

Interested People – SEO

People who are interested in your topic will be searching for information.  You want to get them to your website.  This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and advertising comes into play.  These are things that you will do on your website outside of your courses.

The Intrigued – Free Courses

This is where free courses come into play.  These folks have gone beyond interested, but are not quite ready to buy.  Give them some free information.  This builds authority, shows your knowledge, and builds trust from your potential customers.

Almost There – Course with Sign Up

These are the courses that require registration.  You’ve given them good information for free, so now they trust you.  They aren’t necessarily ready to buy yet, but these people are willing to give you their e-mail address at this point.  You can now contact them whenever you want to.

Sold – Paid Courses

Now that a potential customer has given you their e-mail address, you are ready to ask them to buy something from you.  This could be a course, a product, or a service.

Here’s the low-down.

Use the idea of the sales funnel to find, convince, and sell to potential students.

  • Use SEO to get folks to your website.
  • Free courses can help you bring in potential clients in a way that an open website can’t hope to do.
  • Ask for e-mails in exchange for intermediate courses.
  • Sell more advanced courses.