A good LMS will help you protect your content.  This can allow you to charge for courses or memberships.  It can also help you guide your students better.

Protect your Content

Most learning management systems will provide you a way to protect your content.  This limits who can access your content and how they can access it.  This is the feature that allows you to charge students for your course.  You can “charge” students in two primary ways: money or e-mail.  Obviously, if you charge a fee for a class, you get money in return.  You can also ask for an email address in return for a course.  This helps you build your e-mail list so you can sell something to your students later.


Guiding Students through your Content

The other ability that you gain from a learning management system is the ability to guide students through your content.  For example, if you know that people often have a particular question about a feature of your product, you can design your manual as a course.  Within the course, you lead students through the right steps so that they know how the feature is actually used.  The same goes for safety.  In a course, a student must read the safety guidelines before seeing how to do something.  For example, you might want to make your students take a course on making backups before you show them how to install a new theme.

Backing up your website