Using an LMS might require a mindset change on your part.  Depending on whether you are a business person or a teacher, you can go either direction on these terms.

mindset changeMindset Change

If you are a teacher, consider yourself to be a business.

Your students are your clients or customers.

Your lesson content and classroom are your website.

A quiz is simply an interaction, a question you ask of your student/client.


Work both Directions

I think it helps to think of yourself as a bit of each.  You want your students to learn, but you also want your customers to be happy with the information you provide them.

As a teacher, you have the opportunity to widen your classroom beyond your school.  You shouldn’t be ashamed to earn some extra money by teaching students from around the world.  As a business person, you have the opportunity to educate your customer base, potentially leading to more sales.