A good Learning Management System will allow you to interact with your students.  This is what makes a course better than a static website.

Quizzes as Interactions

Most Learning Management Systems use the generic term “quiz” to reference direct student interactions.  These don’t have to be graded, but they do allow you to make sure that students understand what they have seen.  A good LMS will offer several types of “quiz” questions, ranging from multiple choice to fill in the blank.

You could use a comment form to ask questions of your customers, but questions embedded in the course can be much more targeted.  You can also see and compare how multiple people respond to a particular question.

e-Mail Interactions

A good LMS will also give you the ability to send out e-mails when students reach a particular lesson.  These can be used to motivate students to continue.  You  can also send an e-mail if a student hasn’t logged in for a specified period.  You can remind a student to come back or offer a coupon to a customer who is in the sales funnel.

These e-mails will be much more focused that you could do with a regular website.  Most learning management systems will integrate with email services like MailChimp, Aweber, and others.

The Low-Down

  • An LMS gives you ways to interact with your students through “quizzes” and e-mail in ways that just aren’t possible with a regular website.