Hide the Command Labels

You can hide the Command Labels to fit more command icons onto the ribbon.

Chances are that you will be familiar with the tool commands that you use regularly. We can remove the names from these commands so that they stack more nicely and take up less space.

Right click on the ribbon and again choose “Customize the Ribbon…”. Right click on the group you want to modify, and choose Hide Command Labels.  Note that you have to right click on the group, not the individual command.  If you click on a command, the “Hide Command Labels” option will not appear.

Menu to hide the command labels in MSOffice.

After you left click on the option, hit “OK” at the bottom of the options window.  Your group will now look like this…

Notice that the commands are now stacked three tall. The order is from top to bottom, then move to the next row. You might have to play for a bit to get the commands in the order that you prefer.