Before Recording Your Video Lesson

Let’s talk about your mindset before recording your video lesson.

Speak Naturally

When recording your video lesson, you should try to speak naturally.  The first few times you record, you might find yourself rushing and/or running out of breath.  As you practice more, you will find that you will feel more relaxed.

Pause often. It might seem to you like you are pausing too much, but it gives you a chance to breathe, and it gives students a chance to think about what you are saying.

Don’t attempt to use a “radio” voice.  Just talk like you would to a student during your office hours.

Avoid Nervousness

One of the ways to help reduce any nerves, jitters, or anxiety you might feel about recording is to give yourself a pass.  Tell yourself that you won’t use the first try at a recording.  You are just going to do a run through to check the time.  Don’t stop during this run through.  You might find that you have a usable take on this attempt.  If so, that’s great.  Otherwise, you are now ready to do a second take, the real one.

Have a Glass of Water Nearby

Try to not drink during your recording, but make sure that you take a drink before you begin to record.  This helps make sure that your mouth doesn’t go dry during the recording.  If you do find that you need a drink, hit pause between slides and take a sip.