About Me – Trevor Johnson-Steigelman

The dashingly handsome Trevor Johnson-Steigelman
Dr. Trevor Johnson-Steigelman

Hello, I’m Trevor Johnson-Steigelman and am currently an Assistant Professor of Physics at Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC). I have always been interested in technology and teaching. I am constantly looking to learn new skills and hone the skills that I have. The pandemic has put this task on overdrive.

During the pandemic, I’ve been playing with H5P content, Poll Everywhere, and Kahoot! in a way that I never did before. I’ve found them to be very useful tools to make my remote classes more interactive. I’ve also become a bit of a wizard with the green screen. (Now I also look wizard-like because I’ve grown out my beard.)

I teach in-person (at least I used to), fully online, and “real-time-remote” courses. To deliver content, I use Blackboard and my other website https://physicsthisweek.com. Our online-based and remote courses use a lab kit.

I’ve been most of the way through the EmTech program before, but got derailed by other life and other things. It has been long enough that I’m going to go through again fresh. Last time I learned a quite a bit. I’m sure I will this time too. I also am looking forward to sharing my own experience with online tools with others.

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