Creating Video Lessons

Creating video lessons in PowerPoint is a quick way to begin flipping your classroom. If you have PowerPoint installed, you can begin making short video lessons to help your students today

You can make a ten minute video lesson that shows students how to perform a task, whether it be adding fractions or diagramming a sentence.  Students can watch at their own pace, and pause and rewind as necessary.  If you’ve ever tried to learn something by watching a YouTube video, you’ve got the idea.

Creating video lessons isn’t difficult.  As you make more, it gets even easier.  The trick is getting started and making your first one.

Creating Video Lessons

In this workshop, I’ll discuss some of the tools I’ve used to create short video lessons to help my students understand important concepts.  Most of these tools are already on your computer.  I’ll show you how to create a presentation, convert it to a video, edit it, and post it online.

We will discuss the benefits of this format and how it can help students with various learning styles.  We will also talk about ways to make these mini-lectures interactive, so that students are actively involved with the material being presented.

If you would like to sit down with me and learn this process, please sign up for a class.  I am also available for professional development at your school.

Here are the slides I used at the SUNY Conference on Technology and Instruction for my presentation “Creating Short Video Lessons” using PowerPoint“.

I will be adding more information to this section in the near future.  For the time being, you can enjoy an older page I created about creating video lessons.

Making Picture-in-Picture Videos using OBS

I’ve created a page that talks about making picture-in-picture videos using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).