Wouldn’t it be great if you could pace your lecture to fit almost every student in the class?  You can by making video lessons using PowerPoint.

Two Groups of Students

The fast student could watch you do a sample problem, and then see if they could do it on their own. The slower students could ask you to repeat things. They could ask questions, and watch you repeat a few steps as necessary. Neither group of students would be upset with the other group.  The fast group wouldn’t get mad at the slow group for holding them back.  Likewise, you wouldn’t leave the slower moving students behind.

You can pull this off using video lessons posted to YouTube or your course Learning Management System (LMS).

Making Video Lessons using PowerPoint

This course will help you learn how to make short video lessons using PowerPoint. Once you make the lesson, you can have students watch the video before class, during class, or even after class as a review.

In this course, you will learn how to set up PowerPoint to create video lessons.  You will see how to record the lessons and then save them as videos.  Once the video is created, you will upload it to YouTube and add closed captioning.  From there, you can add the lesson to your own course management system.