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This course will help you learn how to make accessible documents Word documents.

Making documents accessible is important for many reasons.  The overriding reason is that you want your audience to be able to read and understand your document without additional effort.  The second reason is because of legal requirements written into the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other legislation.

In the course, you will learn how to…

  • Use accessible and available fonts.
  • Use color and contrast appropriately.
  • Apply proper heading tags and styles.
  • Make accessible lists.
  • Ensure proper reading order.
  • Use line spacing appropriately.
  • Publish your document so that it stays accessible.

When you create your document so that it is accessible from the beginning, it is ready to go. You do not need to revise it when you have a student who requires accommodation. If you do, the revisions should be minor. Just the act of making it accessible makes it easier for almost everyone to read.

Why Microsoft Word?

Microsoft is widely used in schools, colleges, universities, and businesses. Microsoft Office is more expensive than free word processing programs like Google Docs, Open Office and other programs. Most most of its users, though, get access through their institution or business.

Microsoft has spent a lot of time making sure that its software is accessible. They have also built-in tools can help you create accessible documents. Within the program are features like Styles that build accessibility right into your documents. It also has tools such as the Read Aloud function that can speak the text in your document. The Immersive Reader that makes it easier for people with various physical and cognitive impairments to experience your page.

Making Accessible Documents

By working through the lessons in this course, you will learn how to make accessible word documents. This will help everyone read, hear, or feel your information easily.