Coaches of Tech

Coaches of Tech is here to help you master your technology in your classroom. Are you looking to add some technology to your teaching?  I can help you make mini-lesson video to post online. Need help using PowerPoint in class? Want to use your iPad to make notes on your PowerPoint slides?  I’ve been using technology to supplement my classroom for years, and can help you do so too.

Office for Teachers

If you want to become more efficient at teaching, it helps to know your tools. Let Coaches of Tech show you how to effectively use PowerPoint, Excel, and Word in your classes.

Creating Video Lessons

One of the best ways to supplement your in-person classes is to have some video lessons available online. I can show you how to create short video lessons. These can help students master tricky tasks or be used for students who missed class.

Using an LMS

A learning management system (LMS) is a tool to help you organize your content, interact with your visitors, and possibly make some money. Coaches of Tech can show you how to set up your LMS to help teach your visitors almost anything you want.


You should be creating your learning materials for all students.  Making documents accessible from the beginning will help all of your students be able to interact with your content.  Coaches of Tech can show you how to make your documents and website meet accessibility standards.

Teaching Tips

Not all teaching is digital. Let me share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned during my 20+ years of teaching.  Some of these have saved me time and effort and are worth trying yourself.

Coaches of Tech

Coaches of Tech is designed to help any teacher use technology to help teach their students.  Take one of our classes or set up a consultation with us today.